Khichdi Fashion

We know there are stylists out there, and bloggers and fashion experts – so we decided to try to bring it all into a single place to give you access to everything you need from lifestyle tips, needs to a place to shop brands and designers and outfits!

About Us

Khichdi Fashion is one more flavour of Khichdi Enterprise Limited as we explore retail shopping through an online model by connecting designers and fashion shoppers. We also help connect bloggers, and fashion advisers with the world over through Fashion Blogs, a series of customizable blogs for every fashion blogger around.

We set on a mission to offer visitors access to great fashion blogs, photos, videos and designers around the world. We wanted everyone to have a place to unite and connect and express their styles to the world.


Wedding Fashion

We have a bit of everything. Glamour, Gorgeous, Generosity and Genuine content all available at Khichdi Fashion. We took serious designers and gave them the spotlight so that fashion fans have something to cheer about – not just the ability to shop for things they want online but to connect with their favourite designers.


Yes, we went beyond what people call clothes and decided to introduce collection of accessories and bags. Nowadays, people spend more money and time purchasing the dream bag, than they spend on their own shoes. Not that, you don’t have a pretty shoe collection or those lovely six inch heels!

New Mens Trends

Fashion isn’t just about women. It includes men too! Khichdi Fashion is unisex, we don’t focus on the pretty women but the handsome men who dawn great attires making them irresistible . 

Popular Outfits

Khichdi Fashion ensures that you get access to popular outfits and know what the world is buying too. Sometimes you want to buy what everyone is buying, and sometimes you want to know what everyone is buying so you don’t end up buying the same outfit and get seen together! 

Academy Hampton Linen Shirt
Twist Top from Privilege
Zodiac Satin Slip Dress
Atmos Delilah Ruffle Playsuit

Create Your Own Style

Introducing Khichdi Fashion “CYOS”, the ability to customize your attire online and on the go. Want to create a corporate T-shirt, or something for the whole family to wear with initials, or the family name or your favourite cartoon? Khichdi Fashion offers custom styles and CYOS as a solution for those of you who want to have things their way! You define your style!

Shop the Sale

Khichdi Fashion offers great deals all year round. We know how other competitors like holding special sales every few months. We kept it simple. Every day features at least one unique sale or opportunity or more. Gone are the days where you need to wait for the “Great Indian Festival” or similar such marketing and sales names and promotions. Here comes every day sale by Khichdi Fashion !

New Summer line

Get 20% Off

Bussiness Casual

Buy 2 Get 1 Free

Daisey Dress by Kaja Clothing
JAG Freedom Embroidered Blouse
Lyle Vintage Leather Holdall
Gabardine Trousers by Sherman